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elena (eventuallyrj) from russia/ukraine wrote at November 8, 2014:
Thank you for a beautiful plaing yesterday in Cosmonaft. Full of jazz, blues, soul. :) great!
Dino from Pennsylvania USA wrote at October 24, 2014:
PJ Saw Beth Hart in Newton NJ last night. You can play man - you can really play. Great show - all the best on the new tour.
Edward R from Las Vegas wrote at September 29, 2014:
When your next Gig here in Las Vegas . been waiting for the longest . peace.
Karyn Skinner from New Paltz, NY wrote at June 23, 2014:
Pj, your expert craftsmanship and the Beth Hart Band is a gorgeous match! Hearing you play at the Ridgfield Playhouse was a treat. I have been following Beth Hart Band for years; never have I heard a guitar sing as well as she! Bravo, and thank you.
Dave Drayton from London, England wrote at November 19, 2013:
Spoke to PJ on the phone today....he was in a bar in Manchester England, with Beth and the band and whilst speaking to my mate Steve, he passed me over to PJ and we chatted on the phone for a few minutes... what a lovely guy! If you read this Pj, it was great speaking with you.! Dave
Mark Whitlatch from Orlando Florida wrote at October 23, 2013:
PJ, We still talk about you here in Orlando at BB Kings. Miss your style. When are you going to be playing in Florida again? Hope all is well. Madmark
Eric Trainer from Lebanon, pa wrote at September 6, 2013:
PJ, was coming to vegas to see you (conference too). Found out you're on tour- good for you. Hopefully a future tour will take you through eastern PA near Hershey, Lancaster, Philly. Look forward to the next time.
Mads Legind Larsen from Denmark wrote at August 12, 2013:
Saw you and the rest of Beth Hart in Odense the 6/8-2013 what a great Night :-) So now we are looking forward to se you all again in Kolding the 16/11-2013
Chris from Las Vegas, NV wrote at August 1, 2013:
I'm glad to hear that your tour with Beth Hart has been going well! At the same time I'm pining for a set in Vegas again! Do you see one in the stars soon? Best wishes on your travels and expanding career. You rock!
Colin Bell from Paris wrote at July 29, 2013:
My wife, daughter and I saw you with Beth Hart at the Casino in Basel on 27 July. A great venue, great sound, great night. And how nice of you to stop and chat when we bumped into you the next morning - you're a real gent. Every success for the future.
Randy Dunham from Gold River, California wrote at June 22, 2013:
I just watched the YouTube video of you with Beth Hart in France. The hairs are still standing up on my arms as I type this. I am not articulate enough to give the proper homage to a performance as great as that was. I will just leave it at you are to the world an absolute gift from God! Thank you.
Nancy H from Wallingford, CT wrote at May 17, 2013:
Monday May 13th ~ City Winery NY. Your performance with Beth hart was amazing. You are truly gifted, and I hope one day, I will be able to enjoy your talent again....
Bob Loethen from Wallingford CT wrote at May 16, 2013:
Monday 5-13 City Winery NYC with the great Beth Hart, "I'd Rather Be Blind", incredible guitar solo. Best tune of the evening.
John Zimmer from Clayton, NJ wrote at May 13, 2013:
Great show last night with Beth Hart at the Blockley in Philly !!!!
DEPARTED Priest from St. Louis MO USA wrote at May 7, 2013:
Nashville pictures both nights: It was a blast watching you perform. Thank you!
Christina from Tampa, FL wrote at May 6, 2013:
Hi PJ. I was fortunate enough to see you perform with Beth Hart at 3rd and Lindsley. I have to say that you blew me away! You are just AMAZING with that guitar and made my concert experience that much more enjoyable. You are really a great asset to her band. I look forward to hearing more from you in the future. Thank you!
Martin from Birmingham England wrote at April 4, 2013:
Hi PJ Lucky enough to see you with Beth Hart at Gateshead and Birmingham. Both amazing gigs. Sound at Gateshead best ever, Birmingham more of a club atmosphere. Both really worked. Even had a quick chat after the Gateshead gig. Really liked your playing as part of this great band. Will look out for future stuff from you both on your own and with Beth.
Ed from Birmingham, England wrote at March 11, 2013:
My wife and I went to the Beth Hart gig at the institute in Birmingham. Outstanding performances all round but you particularly blew us away. Fantastic. A gig of your own in the UK would be most welcome!
Paul Lancaster from Birmingham UK wrote at March 10, 2013:
Saw you at the Institute Birmingham with the amazing Beth Hart. Stupendous performance by the band Beth has an awesome voice and your guitar playing on "Caught Out In The Rain" was some of the best I've heard live. Need to see you again and soon. Tying hard for Portsmouth.
gary syrett from newcastle uk wrote at March 7, 2013:
saw pj play gateshead with beth hart brilliant show come back soon,awsome
Anders Pettersson from Stockholm, Sweden wrote at February 23, 2013:
I'm was amazed of your playing at Nalen, Stockholm. Now you're on my list of favorite players. Will check your upcoming record :-)
Harry Herd from United Kingdom wrote at November 19, 2012:
I saw PJ Barth play with Beth Hart at HMV Forum in London on 16th November 2012.I was blown away by his guitar playing,absolutely awesome..Can't wait to here him play with Beth in Portsmouth,UK next March 2013..Brilliant is an understatement...Many thanks,Harry
Kalinda from Abbotsford, BC Canada wrote at October 29, 2012:
Yes, we really enjoyed your show (actually on the 22nd), and it was great meeting you later. Please let us know when you're coming to Canada! As you can tell from your guestbook, Canadians love your music!
Shirley from Abbotsford, BC Canada wrote at October 27, 2012:
Caught PJ's show on Oct. 26 and had the pleasure of meeting him on Freemont Street later in the week. What an awesome, talented young man. Look out Blues' world. PJ is going to light it on fire! Looking forward to the CD.
KQ from Toronto wrote at October 19, 2012:
Caught the second set at the House of Blues 10/17/12. What a great time, you guys rocked it! Got to talk a little strat with PJ afterwards and saw him interacting with some locals between sets, man what a nice guy. Good things happen to good people, good luck in Europe PJ!
Fancy Nanc from San marcos, CA wrote at September 15, 2012:
So glad to hear about your "big break" hope all is well and can't wait to hear you play again in Vegas.
Jamey Walls from Las Vegas wrote at September 2, 2012:
Worked with PJ at LV Cowboy Saloon. Crowd sucked but the music was smokin'!!!! I had a great time mixing your sounds brother. Its easy when working with your kind of talent. Reminds me of how much I enjoy my job. Give me a shout if you need an engineer for a show. Be happy to work with you again. PEACE
Annette from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada wrote at August 23, 2012:
Crazy, unbelievable talent! Great showmanship, music and skill. Thanks for the incredible night of music and entertainment!
Celeste Hayne from Penticton, BC Canada wrote at August 19, 2012:
I had the pleasure of meeting and enjoying PJ and his band on Monday Aug 6th at BB King’s Blues Club — in the Mirage Resort & Casino - Las Vegas! What a soulful inspiring and entertaining night of musical genius to be had for us on my birthday night. The myriad of tunes and guitar specialties to be shared and appreciated was phenominal. Keep sharing your talents with all of us PJ. Bring your act to Canada/the South Okanagan! An evening to be treasured always! ♥
Tatiana Anderson from Laramie, WY wrote at August 10, 2012:
I saw you August 6th at bb king club and i have to say the music was AMAZING!!!!! You have such a talent and you can just tell that you truly enjoy the music by the look in your eyes!!!! I have pics of ya on my Facebook if you wanna see!