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Kanton Remmers from Saint Louis wrote at August 3, 2012:
Saw his first set at House of Blues and was blown away. I have always liked Blues/Soul but this just elevated it to a new level. I can really only say WOW, if that's the only thing I did while here in Vegas that would be enough. Thanks I look forward to the CD coming out wish there was a pre-order feature!!!
Rob from Milwaukee wrote at July 23, 2012:
Rob not Ron from Milwaukee!
Ron from Milwaukee wrote at July 16, 2012:
Hey PJ, You are the man. Always stay cool, and remember us poor musicians in Milwaukee. Seriously, I always knew you would make it! Rock on my brother!
DAN AND LAURIE CAMPBELL from MCHENRY,IL wrote at July 11, 2012:
Laurie from Mchenry, IL wrote at July 11, 2012:
On planning a trip to Vegas and looking for things to do saw that PJ was playing at Lynard Skynard told my husband and said 'were there!' It was so good to see him and as his personality is he gave a warm welcome and sat and talked during breaks. He really is a very gifted person.
Kelly G from Milwaukee WI wrote at July 10, 2012:
I havent seen PJ in years but used to watch him all the time at Liquid Johnny's in WI. Even drove in a blizzard to see him. Planning a trip to Vegas just to watch him play again.
Michael from Calgary, Alberta (Canada) wrote at June 25, 2012:
Unbelievable! Absolutely unbelievable talent - I am speechless! I will be back just to see you guys play!
Steve from Camberley, UK wrote at June 20, 2012:
I have just the the honour of seeing PJ Barth absolutely ripping up the BB King,s Bar in the Mirage Las Vegas. I am a guitar nut who up until now I though I had heard pretty much everything a guitar could do, but now PJ has totally blown my mind. Some of the sounds he gets out of that strat are truly mind bending and I watched and listened actually drooling. The way he changes phrasings, tempos, all sorts of crazy stuff is utterly epic. If you only have ears for 5 more minutes in your life, then use them to hear this guy. If you ever tour the UK, I am there! P P.s
Jay Surles from Houston, TX wrote at June 1, 2012:
Just got home from Vegas where I saw PJ's shows at Mandalay Bay and Blue Martini. Great shows, both of them. Liked all the songs so it's hard to pick a favorite. Can't wait for a CD with some originals. PJ's a fantastic guitar player and a damn nice guy too!
Raquel from Vegas wrote at May 10, 2012:
Wow to PJ's version of Jimi Hendrix' Little Wing, my fave Hendrix tune, by the way. Love it and need to come see you Friday night at Town Square. Love you guys, especially that chocolate man on bass. Keep rockin' the blues!
Jory from NYC wrote at May 2, 2012:
Walking by O'shea's I heard you rippin SRV. Stayed for the full set next to some alcoholic leprechaun until my buddy dragged me out. Truly an amazing talent. Inventive an original stlye on classic stuff. Great take on "I shot the sherif". You gotta drag your ass out east. WOW.
Jen from DC wrote at April 30, 2012:
Awesome show this past weekend at O'Sheas! You truly are talented! I hope to see you play on the east coast sometime.
Lisa from Toledo, Ohio wrote at April 14, 2012:
OMG - Just happened to "catch" your performance. Did the Vegas/wedding trip & you completed our evening!!! Your band caught our ears as we walked past the Skynard bar & you hooked us. Had to be up for our road trip home @ 3am but stayed til after 1am to continue to listen to your band. WOW - long, tired drive home but worth the swollen eyes! keep on rocking PJ - hope to catch you in our neck of the woods someday!!!
Ray from St Simons Island, Ga. wrote at April 8, 2012:
Just saw you in Vegas twice. My brothers and I thought you rocked on youngest B-day Celebration. Came back again on 25th wedding anniversary. Here is link to some video I shot.
eric trainer from Lebanon, Pa wrote at April 6, 2012:
great playing. just seen you at excaliber. ever thought of playin near the hershey or harrisburg, pa area? lookin forward to your cd and future performances. thanks.
Tim and Renae from Wisconsin wrote at March 11, 2012:
We sure miss you and Rick Holmes playing at Liquid Johnny's and around town. You're an awesome talent and kick ass on the guitar especially Jimi Hendrix Foxy Lady!!
Paul & Janis.... PJ from Calgary Alberta Canada wrote at March 9, 2012:
Saw you last night at the House of Blues in Vegas. Amazing evening. Music, incredible talent and humor to boot!!! Thanks for making it an incredible evening. We hope to run into u again. Hope you come to Calgary!!
Mario from Toronto wrote at February 25, 2012:
Caught you @ BB King's last week in Vegas - simply unparallelled!! Thank-you, it was pleasure experiencing a master at his craft.
Boone Adams from Ohio wrote at February 8, 2012:
PJ Barth is now in my top three of all time axe-men. Witnessed the meshing of wire and wood at Oshea's and am still reliving the licks. As with Tiger, Jordan and Ted Williams, PJ possesses a level of skill complimented with a soul that makes him beyond compare. He exists on a different level. Thanks for visiting with a mere mortal. Boone Adams
Steve Knight from Charlotte wrote at January 30, 2012:
PJ, I was with Joe Cea when we ran into you outside the HOB at the Mandalay. It was a real pleasure to hear you sing and play again. I'm sending you some music that we talked about. John Lisi with Delta Funk is the guy that used to play with Brian Lee. Hope you like it. I'm waiting to hear your new CD. Keep it coming!
JP Pierre from Union City CA wrote at January 30, 2012:
Yo PJ, We had a great time hangin with you guys at the House of Blues in Vegas on Wed Jan 25. We had the best seats in the house directly in front of the stage. You may remember me as I am the guy that "Broke your Mojo" Hahaha Anyway our entire group loved you guys and you will defiantly see us again at one of your shows. Do you guys ever come to the SF Bay Area? If so we will be there for sure!!!!!!! Your New Fan JP
Joe Cea from Sedona AZ wrote at January 28, 2012:
Hey PJ, ran into you in front of the House of Blues on Thursday. I'm the guy who saw you play Whipping Post in BB's in Orlando. Caught your acoustic set during happy hour and then plugged in at Skynyrds. I plan on driving back to Vegas just to see you play again. It amazes me a guy as young as you can play with so much heart and emotion. You rock! See ya soon!!
David Mead from Fort Worth, Texas wrote at January 20, 2012:
Caught your show at BB's during the Holidays, great stuff. Enjoyed the conversation and hope to see you in the DFW area soon- keep the joint rocking!
Julie from Minneapolis, MN wrote at January 10, 2012:
I am really interested in purchasing CD's or even vinyl. Checked Itunes and it came up empty. Any way to get my greedy hands on your music?
Kimberly from Spring Lake, MI wrote at January 6, 2012:
We caught the show at Lynyrd Skynyrd's BBQ in Las Vegas last night. The show was great and the sound was amazing! We didn't want the show to end. Looking forward to hearing the CD. Thanks for a fun evening PJ!
Rich, Samra & Phyllis from Oregon wrote at January 6, 2012:
Cought youdr show at the house of Blues and couldn't wait for the next nithg at th Leonard Skinard bar at the ExCaliber. Outstanding R&B with a stage presence that Rocks The House. Thanks Billions for sharing your incredable talent.
Colin from Montreal wrote at December 29, 2011:
A great showman with an amazing talent!
Tena Hetzel from Madison, AL wrote at December 22, 2011:
My husband and I saw you at the Mirage in Las Vegas last week, Dec. 2011. The show was nothing less than amazing!!! Wonderful music, we loved it!!! Can't wait to purchase your cd :o )
Timothy Owens from Chicago wrote at December 8, 2011:
Was at the BB King club in Las Vegas Tuesday night and PJ was "AWESOME". I was afraid to take my eyes off of him because I thought I was going to miss out on something. I have become a fan for life.
David and Michelle from Las Vegas wrote at November 23, 2011:
We will be there tomorrow. Your awesome!!!