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Todd & Kelly from Canada wrote at November 11, 2011:
PJ Caught your show in Vegas @ BB King. You were amazing! We were in awe of your playing. What a great show. We agree with the other posters that you're a legend in the making. Thanks for taking the time to say Hi between sets. We will be looking for your CD!
heidi and lance from prince gerorge b.c. canada wrote at November 9, 2011:
i agree totally with thae woman from nc swe were there 11/8 too absolutely phenominal. the best show we saw in vegas. when your cd comes out i'll be selling it to everyone we know in canada!!!
Karen Daniels from NC wrote at November 9, 2011:
OMG loved your show tonight 11/8 at BB King joint in Vegas. Thanks for let me join you on stage ! Come to NC and I'll be there. KD
Barbara from Chicago wrote at October 29, 2011:
Simply the best, caught your show at the HOuse of Blues in Vegas with my friend Randy....watching how fast your fingers moved on that guitar was something. (breaking to strings) *L* I now have something else to do when I hit Vegas, if you are playing I am listening...Continued success to you PJ and your band.....
David & Traci Bouldin from Jacksonville, FL wrote at October 10, 2011:
The highlight of the vacation was watching and listening to you and the guys at the House of Blues in Vegas. Traci & I still singing 'Got my mojo workin'... Good luck to you and the guys and hope to see you soon.
Sam from Essex, England wrote at September 25, 2011:
P J you totally rock. Had a great time at O'Sheas last night. sorry we got Michael drunk.
Kim Massey from Barstow CA wrote at August 31, 2011:
Caught your set opening for Duke Robillard at The Railhead. You really tore it up. The rhythm section was really one of the best and you were really smokin'. Looking forward to seeing you again. Thanks for keepin the blues alive
Dale & Robyn Walker from Vancouver BC Canada wrote at August 15, 2011:
My wife and I saw you play at the Mandalay Bay House of Blues on Aug 8/11. You totally blew us away! WOW! I've been playing blues guitar for over 35 years (professionally and recreationally up in Canada) and want you to know that, in our opinion, you are a stone cold player! That night we requested that you play Little Wing. I have never heard a live version of that song that equaled your version (and that includes having heard Stevie Ray, Eric and Sting all do it...). Your rendition was blistering and inspired! You are a true and rare talent. We wish you the very best and hope to hear you play again some time in the future! Dale & Robyn
Nick V. from Las Vegas, Nevada wrote at August 5, 2011:
Dude. It was a pleasure watching you every night I used to work at BB Kings inside The Mirage. You guys were/still are amazing. Keep it up man.
Mark Rainey from Belfast, Northern Ireland wrote at July 31, 2011:
Watched you guys at The House of Blues last night and it was absolutely fantastic! Rocked the place :D Best version of Little Wing I have ever heard!!! Thanks for the shout out and a brilliant night!
Kayla & Tanner Short from WA wrote at July 10, 2011:
Hey! Saw you lastnight at O'Sheas lastnight! I thought it was a lot of fun. Sorry we had to leave early. I look forward to seeing you guys again. Hopefully when I take tanner here in Jan for his bday.
Gary from Las Vegas wrote at July 5, 2011:
Great job last night at the Foundation Room! It was nice to hear a good blues band. Looking forward to hearing you guys again.
Eric Sutton from Woodbridge Virginia wrote at July 1, 2011:
My wife and I had a great time at the House of Blues tonight thanks to P.J. Barth and his band. We are looking forward to the anticipated music recording.
Veronica Miles from Los Angeles, Ca wrote at June 4, 2011:
Wow what a night! Your band was hot last night. like promised i am showing love and signing your book. You have introduced me to blues and I sure do like.
Stan Whaley from Spring Green, Wisconsin wrote at April 22, 2011:
Went to the show at The House of Blues. The best blues man out there. I saw the legend before he was a legend. Thats the story I will be telling. When you are in Wisconsin I want to buy you and the band a round of drinks
Ian Higgins from Denver wrote at April 1, 2011:
PJ - What's up brotha! Hanging in Phoenix with ur bro. Hope your are well buddy. Heard about some of the new tunes....can't wait. I'll be out there soon bud!
Barb Pluta from West Allis, WI wrote at March 14, 2011:
PJ, I'll never forget the first time we heard you play (a retirement party just before you left for TN) and were fortunate enough to meet you. Immediately we knew you were destined to be one of the greats. Can't wait for that CD.
RocknRandy from Milwaukee Wisconsin wrote at March 13, 2011:
Nice site....young mister barth has chops of course...but what makes it.....he's a great guy and has paid a lot of dues at a young age.
kristy Wallace from austin, tx wrote at March 10, 2011:
Hi there...dropped in to see him in Vegas last year, and was totally blown away by this guys performance, technical skills, and overall energy! Completely awesome. PJ, you're going places, my friend! xoxo, Kristy Duff Wallace
Carolyn Norris from Lodi, CA wrote at March 7, 2011:
PJ! I met you at 0'Shae's on Saturday! I had so much fun with you and Mike! Thanks for the drinks. Take care, man!
Stacey from Annapolis, MD wrote at March 1, 2011:
Popped in House of Blues for a beer and stayed for two sets! PJ is an awesome player, singer and showman. I'll be back!
Tonya from Las Vegas, NV wrote at February 12, 2011:
Hey! When did Snuffaluffagus get here? (tee hee - great story) You know I adore ya and am anticipating nothing but great things for and from you.
Patrick Tilley from Cedarburg, Wisconsin wrote at February 6, 2011:
Can't forget the first night I met and heard you at Caroline's in Milwaukee. Sounded like Buchanen. The blues, you do it so well.
Deja Devera from Henderson, NV wrote at February 6, 2011:
I saw you at Roadrunners. You really sounded like you were enjoying what you were doing. I'm glad I went that night. I will spread the word about you and your band. Keep it up!
Jim Gregus from Sheboygan Falls, Wi. wrote at February 3, 2011:
Hey Pj It was nice jamming with you when ever I could. Looks like your doing good out there in Vegas. Keep it up and have a lot a fun doing it........Jim
Phil Johnson from Norfolk, VA wrote at February 2, 2011:
Killin Em!!!!
Matt from West Virginia wrote at February 1, 2011:
First saw PJ in Mandalay Bay last spring while there on a trip with friends and was simply amazed that much rhythm and soul could come from a thin white guy!! I just sat there for 2 hours, mouth agape watching him wail! The best blues player in the west, hands down!!!
Dina Santos from Milwaukee, WI wrote at January 31, 2011:
Hey P.J....was so glad to catch you over Christmas while you played in Waukesha. Introduced some new people to you, and they instantly fell in love. A bunch of us will be in Vegas for Jenny Pochowski's birthday in can bet we'll be sure to see the show!
Dawn Walkowiak from Milwaukee, Wi wrote at January 31, 2011:
Congrats on the new web site; I like's great :)
Sandra Shevyn from Bedfordshire, England wrote at January 31, 2011:
PJ is the real 'raw talent'.Such a nice guy too.So look forward to seeing him again...Rock on PJ !!!