New CD being recorded right now!!! Watch for it soon!



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Kathy Viola from Las Vegas wrote at January 31, 2011:
GREAT SITE!!!! Congratulations You ROCK, PJ
Kevin Mc Cabe from Milwaukee wrote at January 31, 2011:
Nice job on the website! Can't wait to hear the cd!
Jim Moses from Salem,WI wrote at January 31, 2011:
P.J. You just keep getting bigger and better. Kudos to the web site. All those things that BB, Cropper, Guy and the rest said we already knew. Your the bomb! Keep it up. Can't make it to Vegas this year but I'm sure my other peeps will be by to say Hi. When you're back in Wisco please look us up at The Hideaway! Peace, Jim
Judy from Florida wrote at January 30, 2011:
Your website is really good. Bravo!
Cindy Presson from Sumter, SC wrote at January 30, 2011:
Knew you would make it big after seeing you in Orlando and being incredibly impressed by your talent. We'll be in Vegas in three weeks and have Feb 24th on our calendar to catch you at Mandalay! Congrats on becoming a real "star"!
Janis from Milwaukee wrote at January 30, 2011:
PJ ........glad to see you finally have a website ! I'll let others back home know.Nice job webmaster,you did an excellent job. Looking forward to checking on it often.We miss you!
Melissa Pulley from California! wrote at January 30, 2011:
The first time I saw him live, I thought to myself, "this guy should come with a disclaimer: Warning! If you want your face rocked off, stay in the room!" So much soul, much love, and genuine talent. I'm 99% sure that somebody had to mop the floor where I was sitting. PJ Barth... Getcha some!
Chris Barth from Scottsdale wrote at January 30, 2011:
Welcome to the premiere site for blues, Funk, and rock and Roll! Enjoy and get to know what I have known since PJ was 3!! He and the PJ Barth Band will light the world on fire!! Love you most Bro!!
Pat Flanagan from Las Vegas, NV wrote at January 29, 2011:
Hey, I'm PJ's webmaster, just starting off this guestbook the right way. If you're in Vegas, you gotta check that Live Dates list and catch PJ at his next gig -- you won't be disappointed.